Chakka Maar

  • 2020
  • 131 Mins
  • All Age
  • Rating 8
  • 148573

Generally Indian people differentiate male with mustache and female with who has long hair. If one possesses both of them, we call them Hizras. Especially in India, there is a specialty in Hizras. What is the specialty and what are the problems they face all these things were explained in detail in this film. The director says, “In this society, people will look these people with inferiority. At some places, these will be treated as beggars only. However, among them too, there are human values. They take birth without their fault and keep fighting for civil rights for them. The producer says, “‘In order to script the subject, we spoke to several Hizras in India and learnt the problems faced by them. Such a film is the first of its kind in India.”

Directors H M Imran (Indra Mohan)
Starring -
Genres Drama, Adventure, Mystery, Documentary
Subtitles -
Audio Languages Hindi

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