• 2020
  • 129 Mins
  • All Age
  • Rating 8
  • 2640

Sakthi (Shira Gaarg), after having separated from her husband, lives with her 6 years old daughter Adhithi (Baby Shrivarshini). In her apartment, Adhithi starts hearing a voice calling her name, and is initially afraid. After celebrating her birthday, Adhithi finds a baby doll near her floor lift and again hears that voice which asks her to take the doll as her birthday gift and Adhithi starts developing a likeness towards that voice and start seeing a ghostly figure to which she gets attached soon. On one night, Adhithi draws the ghostly figure in a piece of paper and writes her name as Anne. When Sakthi notices this drawing, she was bit worried and even consults a psychiatrist who in-turn advises her to spend more time with her child.

Directors D Suresh
Starring Manoj Bharathiraja, Shira Gaarg, Baby Sathanya, Baby Srivarshini, Anjali Rao
Genres Horror, Thriller
Subtitles -
Audio Languages Telugu

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